Driver Vacancies

Experienced drivers nationwide needed to join our team.

Have you got what it takes to drive for our company?

  • We are looking for a seasoned driver, not a newly qualified one.
  • You must also possess a valid vehicle license and have the relevant experience working in both capacities.
  • You can not be younger than 25 years of age and you must have four years of related driving experience. Maximum age is 65 (call for more information).
  • Personality and professional ethics are essential. Must be of sober habits-honest-trustworthy-friendly - patient- NO CRIMINAL RECORDS and a fast learner.
  • You must be neat about your personal grooming habits. Suit & tie not required, dress shorts & Car Movers South Africa *SHIRT (*supplied) will be permitted.
  • When you collect a vehicle, drive it and deliver it, you represent our company.
  • You must be a concerned listener when you are at the client’s place of collection and delivery and conduct yourself in a professional manner.
  • Short tempered, impatient people need not apply.
  • Where you live is not a factor to us, but you may find it more convenient if you live in or near a major city.
  • We require that you carry a nationwide cellular telephone with voice mail as it is in your best interest that we are able to communicate with you on the road. Also, your family will enjoy the peace of mind knowing that they will be able to reach you in case of an emergency.
  • You should have a bank account with ATM card access and a Visa Card or MasterCard with enough credit limits to get you out of an emergency situation. We do not make loans or advances.
  • You must submit a current copy of your Driving Record before we can review your application. Your original license will need to be on your person whilst driving any allowable vehicle.

What’s Involved in being a driver

A lot of driving time! You can calculate the kilometres you can drive with a maximum of 11 hours driving time in a 24 hour period.

Drivers are required to inspect the exterior of the vehicles before transporting them. There is a minimal amount of paper work involved with every unit you transport.

If you have a flat tyre on the vehicle, you will need to change the tyre. You need to be knowledgeable about such things as tyres and wheels, and the tools needed to service them.

Some "mechanical" and "geographical" experience is very helpful.


Driver Application


How to apply for the position.

  • Fill out the application form below and include your CV details.
  • Alternatively email your CV to: Please use subject: Driver Position when sending your CV via email. CV’s received without the words Driver Position in the subject line will be deleted.

Should you not receive any feedback within 2 weeks please consider your application as unsuccessful.

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